Rompox Easy - Stone Grey

Rompox Easy - Stone Grey

Price: £33.05 per 15kg tin


Not currently available to purchase online, call us on 01904 489998 to purchase.

An easy more time effective alternative to traditional Pointing. Suitable for frost and de-icing salt resistant qualitys, it's an environmentally friendly, quick and cost effective, permanent joint fixing of almost all natural and concrete paving stones.

Available in stone grey only

Rompox - Easy is a highly water permeable pavement fixing mortar that allows almost all quantities of rainwater to seep into the ground. Due to the open porous structure of Rompox - Easy, all the requirements for a water permeable and thus environmentally friendly pavement fixing mortar are fulfilled.

Benefits of Rompox:

  • Allows you to pressure/power wash your paving without worrying that the mortar will be blasted out of your joints
  • It will not discolour
  • The compound bonds to the stone rather than just setting in the joints in a rigid shape
  • It is not affected by frost and ice

The Rompox Easy comes in a 15Kg tin typical coverage is approx 7 sq/mt using a 5mm wide, 30mm deep joint on mixed size paving slabs (Please read the PDF document for detailed coverages spec)