Your Lawns for Lifestyles can supply and install your artificial grass or it can be purchased online to install yourself.

Our experienced installation team have years of experience and can fit your Lawns for Lifestyles lawn perfectly, with our specialist equipment you are guaranteed the best results with minimum fuss.

Or if you've got a talent for DIY, why not fit our top quality artifical grass yourself?

Our Artificial Grass can be laid on either a unbound surface (e.g Soil) or a bound surface (e.g Concrete, Tarmac, Stone).

To aid you in your installation we can supply you with the Accessories you may need to be able to secure and joint your new artificial lawn to give it the professional finish you desire. e.g Jointing tape, Adhesive, Membrane.

Although we suggest a similar way of laying to the diagram on your left, each garden is different and we would suggest you speak to one of our advisers either by email or phone to disuss your gardens needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we? We are a subsidiary company of Trevor Smith Landscapes Ltd, a company established for 25 years and love the thought of low maintenance gardens which have the green colour of grass and looks much more authentic than previous "astroturf" types previously.
  • Can we buy it ourselves and install it? Yes, we can Supply our Artificial Grass and you are welcome to install it yourselves which can be done with a bit of patience and time.
  • Is the grass guaranteed? Yes all our grasses have a 6 Year Guaranteed UV Stability Warranty.
  • How long will it last? Our Products will generally last for 10-15 years dependent on the specification, installation, climate and usage but it could well last 20 years. All our grass is UV stabilized and water-resistant.
  • How do you clean it? Our artifical grass is truly maintenance free, all you just need to do is remove materials like leaves, this can be done with a brush or leaf blower. Then you can say bye bye to your mower, fertilizer & feeds. Washing off the area with a standard hose will remove any dust. (Jet/Pressure washing is not recommended as it could cause damage).
  • What type of a base is required? Our skilled installation team will visit your site beforehand to survey which base would be needed, in general we can lay on a sand base, but if drainage was poor we would recommend using a permeable aggregate compacted into place. We can also install it on hard standing areas even decking. However we would not recommend laying it on Soil but we can do this if requested.
  • Do Our Grasses require sand in them? All our grasses are designed to be simply rolled out and be fixed down. We would recommend a sand infill if you have large powerful dogs as the sand adds extra security to the base. But this is an optional Added Extra.
  • The garden is boggy with bad drainage, would this be a problem? No, it just means you most probably require a permeable aggregate which would improve the gardens drainage as well as giving a firm base for the artificial grass to be laid on.
  • How does the grass fix to concrete or hard floors? We use an all-weather adhesive.
  • What holds down the artificial grass? In most instances, the grass is heavy enough to stay in place once fixed to a perimeter (such as timber edging). or adhered to a solid sub base.
  • How does it drain? The grass has a holed latex backing that allows rain water to drainage down.
  • Is it dog friendly? Yes! The grass has a strong latex backing. We also lightly sand the surface after installation to cover the backing and add further protection.
  • What happens when the dog does its mess? Like a normal lawn you would pick up any large pieces and the small particles will wash down through the grass when it rains.
  • What about dog urine? No Problem it washes away and does not discolour the grass.
  • Will it Fade? No, all our grasses have a 6 Year Guaranteed UV Stability Warranty.
  • What is it made from? Our Rufford is made from Polypropylene, our Buckingham is made from polyethylene and our Regency is made from polyethylene with Nylon tufting.
  • Is it environmentally friendly? Yes, it doesn't need to be watered unlike real grass in prolonged periods of hot weather. No Lawn Feed pesticides or weed killers need used. It also needs no mowing so no petrol / exhaust fumes and most importantly to the neighbours No Noise.